Ranking Liberty [Season 3]
01:  Druzdil.337 (1255.1)
02:  SkyLine.130 (1149.7)
03:  sTimPifY.658 (1106.4)
04:  Seriously.448 (1088.8)
05:  Fargo.743 (1086.7)
06:  OFCORPSE.194 (1073.5)
07:  crusader.682 (1070.9)
08:  coppii.858 (1062.9)
09:  Miragee.175 (1057.1)
10:  KraL.402 (1054.7)
11:  ItensPLX/883 (1051.4)
12:  Insane.463 (1050.0)
Which maps do you want to have in our new mappool?
TSL4 ESV Cloud Kingdom (13)
TSL4 ESV Ohana (13)
GSL_Daybreak (13)
TSL4 Antiga Shipyard (11)
GSL_Atlantis Spaceship (11)
Shakuras Plateau (9)
TSL4 Metropolis (9)
TSL4 Entombed Valley (9)
GSL_Whirlwind (8)
GSL_Bel'Shir Beach (6)
Tal'Darim Altar LE (5)
Condemned Ridge (1)
Gesamtstimmen: 18

inCup Rules

1. General Rules

Please act in this tournament as professional as you expect it from the other players.
That includes:

  • Don't use any hack or cheat-tools
  • Don't flame or insult other players or admins
  • Don't share your account with other players or friends
  • Don't smurf to hide your nick you are known as
  • Your Battle.Net ID (Name.Number) must be listed at My Battle.net Account in the folder Starcraft II inCup.

Violating this rule will be punished by kick from the tourney or even ban from the whole tourney series

2. Replays

  • The winner has to enlist the result and upload the replay. The replay has always to be saved by the winner and is required for the case that the opponent doesn't agree with the result.
  • If the loser doesn't agree with the result, the tourney administration will evaluate who will get the win.
  • If the replay has not been saved by the winner and the loser doesn't agree with the win the match is invalid. If there was uploaded a wrong replay on purpose the player may get banned from the complete season.

3. Absence and late arrival

A delay which exceeds 10 minutes has to be reported to a admin. If this hasn't been done the player will get a loss after 15 minutes.

4. Disconnect

If one player disconnects, the game should be repeated. If the playtime hasn't exceeded 2 minutes the game has to be repeated. If the playtime does exceed 2 minutes the match will be lost for the discer, if the other player doesn't want to repeat the match. However, it is good manner and fair play to repeat a game after one player disconnected.

If the discer is certain that he has won the match he disced shortly before it ended he may contact an admin. The administration will watch the replay and decide who will get the win. If there isn't a replay the match is lost for the discer, if the other player doesn't agree to a rematch.

In case of a rematch the player have to pick the same races and the same map as in the game before. If one of the players chose random the player has to select the race he got in the disced game before.

5. Maps

Valid are only the maps from the inCup Mappack listed in the tournament description. First map will be chosen by admins while the next maps will be losers choice. If the played map is not listed in the inCup Maps who are listed in the tournament description the game is invalid.

6. Admins

The orders from the admins have to be followed. The administration is free to change several rules in special situations. The contacting of admins does take place in the IRC-Channel Quakenet #incup.eu.

7. Complains

Complains may not be written in the #incup.eu channel, but in a private query with an admin from this channel.

8. Caster

The inCup TV Caster have the right to observe and show any tourney match they want to. Shoutcasters, who are not from inCup TV do need a special permission from the tournament headadmin.

9. Observer

If both players agree, observers are allowed to observe the game. If one of the players doesn't want any observers, he has to tell this the host. If the game still does start, the player who doesn't want any observers has to leave the game and contact an admin otherwise the game will be valid.

10. Prizes

The shipment costs of the prizes for the winners will be payed by inCup. However, all additional charges like duty to countrys who are not in the european union will have to be payed by the winner.

created by Sansucal on 20.04.2010