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Conflict match from playday 2

I want to dispute a match result from playday 2, of the match of e-Srael Gaming.MSI vs BLR Gaming 2nd Squad. match link.

During the CW vs BLR, my team encountered racist comments from our opponent. One of BLR's player called the team ебаные жиды ('fucking kikes' or 'fucking jews' in Russian, according to russian speakers and google translate), as shown in this link: After one of the games in the CW, one of their players wrote "White Power", a racist slang coined by the Nazi party for blacks people and Jews.

At this point I contacted a SC2CL admins, and notified him I am not continuing the games with this team. The score of the CW at this point was 3-0 in favour of e-Srael Gaming.

After holding me for days, I got a negative reply from the admins, saying that there was no insult, and nothing special about BLR's remarks. The remaining two matches are considered loses for e-Srael Gaming.

As a Jewish clan leader, I expect leagues and events to be strict in manners of racism. I am more than sure that BLR Gaming Squad 2, or at least it's offending players should be removed from SC2CL. At the very least, BLR should not be rewarded with free wins.

I would like to have SC2CL reconsideration about this matter.
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Do you have a screenshot from textmessage "White Power" ?
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First let me say that the second squad of BLR will be taken out of the league for inactivity anyways, so there is hardly any point in adding a penalty whatsoever.
Secondly i would advise you to play all games, even if your opponent is clearly bad mannered or even racist, just to be on the safe side of things. In extreme cases, when a team is so out of line, that there is absolutely no way to continue the match make screenshots and we will be glad to assist you.

In this case however the only evidence you provided was the "fucking kikes"-screenshot. While we do not approve of this kind of behaviour, we consider this to be a minor violation of the code of conduct. Again, while we do not approve of racist behaviour, and believe that "kikes" is a racist slur not suited for a fun league, it is not among the most grave ones. Especially in combination with "fucking taldarim" this seemed more like the kind of stupid rage remark made by an angry imbecile and less like one motivated by real hate. If this kind of behaviour is reported repeatedly, we would take action, but since this seemed to be a one-time thing, we decided against a penalty.
The "white-power" accusation is new to us, since you have not mentioned it before and have not provided a screenshot yet, so there was no possibility for us to take that into the decision.

Lastly, I want to point out, that the admins are NOT indifferent to bad manner and especially racism. But we have to put these things into perspective. If we clamp down on the smallest remark we would probably have 30% of the teams finishing the season with penalties. If you get severly insulted, please report this. We will take action if we believe things went too far.
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Thanks for the full and serious answer.

I have reported about the "white power" comment just when it happened via mIRC. however, i was unable to find any screenshot to prove so now.

I respect and accept your decision regarding the action against BLR, especially due to the fact that they will not participate in future seasons. What still can bother me is that those two points could change our rank in the division from 3rd to 4th. I'd hate to not be promoted in Season 5 because of this, but I now see the decent approach of the staff to this, and will respect any decision to be made.

I'd just like to clear that I respect SC2CL very much, and am aware of the fact that all staff members are working voluntarily. I know that my previous post was going against an admin's decision. I have felt like there was no serious investigation of this situation before, but that is all gone now.

Good luck in next season, and thanks for an awesome season 4!
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