HotS Invitational – Overview

The tournament starts on October 6th, 4 PM CEST (+2:00)


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Protoss Terran Zerg
korea Sage schweden MorroW deutschland Delphi
frankreich Adel italien ClouD usa Destiny
niederlande Rotterdam korea Dragon  

Price Pool

The price pool is sponsored by It is a newly launched website which provides teams a simple tool for manging their team/clans. It is very simple, easily done and accessible to everyone.

Prize Pool
1. 250 Euro
2. 100 Euro
3. 50 Euro

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[swaplink]uk/usa ButterMeUp and evilguy13[/swaplink]

[swaplink]frankreich Millenium TV[/swaplink]

[swaplink]polen EmSc TV[/swaplink]


The basic tournament rules are being used with these additions and modifications.


The tournament will be played as a Double Elimination Bracket with every match being a Best-of-3, except the Grand Finals where an extended series is played, which means: the player coming from the winner bracket needs one Bo3 to win the tournament, the player from the loser bracket needs two Bo3s to win the tournament.


The mappool for the tournament consists out of five maps. Both players eliminate one map each (the player listed above in the brackets begins) and the remaining three maps form the mappool for the match. Afterwards, both players eliminate another map each with the remaining map being the first map played in the Bo3. Afterwards, the player that lost the previous map selects the next map from the mappool with each map being played at most once. (In an extended series this process is being done for both matches seperately)

  • Akilon Wastes
  • Howling Peak
  • Fractured Glacier
  • Star Station
  • Korhal City


If a player is 30 minutes late, he may be disqualified and replaced by another player who takes his spot.

Team apeX stellt Line Up vor HotS Balance Update #5 - Neue Fähigkeiten für Oracle und Mine