The Future

by Ampere - 02.09.14 at 21:10

For some reason i missed out on posting this here aswell so i do it now.

For all of you which are in question of how it goes on: As we said there will be no next season unless we get some more admins. Although we got 2 application which also got informed of the following it is not easy to get people to help. The thing is: I (namely Ampere - current head admin) have layed down my position and 99% of work until no specific date. So to continue we do not just need more admins but one or two which are willing to take responsibility and get the SC2CL going again. Meaning some serious commitment to fill in the - now larger - missing parts.

I (and some others) will still be able to help and answer question if anyone is willing to take on the challenge. If not i just can say that it ends here but i think most of you had a good time.

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Season X is finished

by Ampere - 13.06.14 at 12:18

Finally: Season X is finished and the final tables are up. We hope all of you had a lot of good games. Congratulations to deutschland CPLAY Tt eSPORTS for winning this season. You now find the season under Archive-Season X.

We hope to see all of you again next season. But for making a new season possible without burning a single person out we need backup again. So if you think you are up for that message Ampere or write an email to

Please note: Like last season that is not optional. We will not start a new season until we have enough admins.

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Closing of season X

by Ampere - 02.06.14 at 11:46

As some of you guys may have noticed, the season is not yet closed (it should on 1st of June) meaning that all the scores are not final yet. The reason for that is as always time and the lack of it. Because of that the season will not be closed until next week so please be patient.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Get ready to join season XI

by Ampere - 20.04.14 at 22:34

A little more than half of season X is over and its nice to see most teams getting along and play. Sadly we still lost some teams in all kind of divisions. So before the lower divisions die out i would like to remember all people whom might read this. Our waiting list is open again. So if you want to play in season XI check out How to sign up for the League and get ready to join.

Or if you don't want to start from the bottom keep an eye open for our "take your chance tournament" in which you can get an higher spot. But in that case you should still enroll yourself on the waiting list.

To all team which are still fighting for promotion: We wish you the best of luck for your upcoming matches.

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Extra wildcard for playday #5

by Ampere - 18.04.14 at 10:54

Dear participants of the current SC2CL,

due to the upcoming Easter-holidays we grant each team an extra wildcard for Sunday. Please use them as usual and as soon as possible. The wildcard is only valid for Sunday.

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