Warchest Nr. 2 im Anmarsch – Patch 4.1.0 ist draußen

StarCraft II: Balance-Updates vom 27. November 2017

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  • 05.12. um 17:46

BWCL: Week 6

Hello ladies and gentlemen,   the BWCL Test Season is coming to its end and the last week of the swiss system is about to hit. After next sunday we will most likely enter a play off system (knock out stage) for the top clans. So far it's looking very good for the remaining SK-Team, the Bulgarian team psi and our friends from South America (disturbed Mind). Other than that, it's going to be a hard battle for the fourth place, which might force us to organise some form of qualifiers or something. Thank god we have literally no plan what to do next. Anyway, here are the results of last week: Results: Week 5, 3.12.2017 << Replay Download >> Clan 1 Score Clan 2 SK B-Team 2-2 Team Psi Team Noobs 2-2 inte Riktigt kloka Team Condemned 1-3 S
  • 28.11. um 16:53

BWCL: Week 4 ++ Update ++

Hello dear users,   this week has a few updates and sadly a little drama. Let's start with the updates. Due to the fact that we encountered several problems, we added the following rule:   "8.5  Maps should be chosen from their respective folder (1n1 maps from 1n1, 2n2 maps from 2n2)"   Remember: Always check the map version before you start a game. If you disagree with the chosen map, because it's either a non-BWCL version or a map from the 2on2 map pool, communicate that clearly. In case of disagreements you can not resolve with your opponent, please contact an admin immediately.   Next up, the results of the past week: Results: Week 4 Clan 1 Score Clan 2 SK A-Team (pending disqualification) 0 - 2 SK B-Team Team Noobs 2 - 2
  • 20.11. um 18:42

BWCL: Week3

The third week has been concluded. The results are as follows: Results: Week 3 Clan 1 Score Clan 2 SK A-Team 3 - 1 Team Noobs SK B-Team 3 - 1 disturbed Mind Army From Future 1 - 3 Inaequalis Starcraft Troopers 4 - 0 (walk over) Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół meSiJa 1 - 3 Team Psi Team Condemned 3 - 1 Klan Dark Venom Rasierte Eier Dödel 0 - 3 LORD inte Riktigt kloka vs walk over It seems as if both SK-Teams are taking a lead over the rest of the field, still being closely followed by Team Noobs and Disturbed Mind as in the weeks before. The pairings for the next week are going to be: Pairings: Week 4, 26.11.2017 Map 1on1: Arcadia / Map 2on2: God's Garden Clan 1 Score Clan 2 SK A-Team vs SK B-Team
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  • 15.11. um 20:29

Wer hat die Flotte gerufen? Patch 4.0 für StarCraft II ist LIVE!

Wer hat die Flotte gerufen? Patch 4.0 für StarCraft II ist LIVE!
Eine elendig lange Durststrecke liegt hinter uns. Seit vergangenen August hatte Blizzard das die letzten zwei Jahre doch recht konstant mit neuem Content versorgte StarCraft II gepflegt, doch außer marginalen Ankündigungen am Rande hob man sich die Knüller-Ankündigungen für die hauseigene BlizzCon im November auf. Die Bombe wurde dort auch sogleich bei der Eröffnungszeremonie gezündet: StarCraft II (Wings of Liberty) ist seit 14. November diesen Jahres zu Teilen „free-to-play

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