Warchest Nr. 2 im Anmarsch – Patch 4.1.0 ist draußen

StarCraft II: Balance-Updates vom 27. November 2017

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  • 13.02. um 21:39

BWCL: Week 3

The friendly tone of BWCL seems to keep up, despite many having some lag issues due to the most recent patch.   The results:   Division A:   ash. 3-1 BuLL)   AFM 1-3 SK-A   aFF 1-3 TA   [KDV-A] 4-0 inae.   ReD-A had their Sunday off.   Division B:   dM- -  mSj. (mSj. won by walk over)   ScT – [NaS] ([NaS] won by walk over)   ReD-B -  Nb. (ReD-B won by walk over)   pSi. 3-1 ReV   Clan iRk- had their Sunday off.   Little League:   SK  1-3  iRk-   ash.  0-4 [KDV-B]   ReD had their Sunday off.   Summary:   Division B suffered heavily from walk overs and only had one CW played. Nb. did manage t
  • 06.02. um 19:24

BWCL: Week 2

The league continues and the dust settles as the second week's clan wars are over. Yet again most teams have shown some nice and mannered matches, although some teams have been struggling to get their line ups in place.   The results:   Division A:   inae. 2-2 aFF   TA 4-0 AFM   SK-A 2-2 ash   BuLL) – Red-A (Red-A won by walk over)   Division B:   ReV 2-2 Red-B   Nb. - ScT (ScT won by walk over)   [NaS] – dM- (dM- won by walk over)   mSj 0-4 iRk-   Little League:   [KDV-B] 3 – 1 SK   iRk 4-0 ReD   >>> Replays   Summary:   Aside from a couple of walk overs, all clan wars seemed to have gone very
  • 29.01. um 21:38

BWCL: Week 1

Hello everyone,   first and foremost: a huge thanks to everyone showing up yesterday and making the first week of the season as easy as possible for the admin team. We love to see you kept up the spirit and enjoyed yourself - you even boosted our stream numbers to a new peak! We'll take that as the best omen we could hope for and try to continue in a hopefully good manner.   The Results Division A Red-A 0 : 4 SK-A ash 2:2 TA AFM - Inae aFF 1 : 3 KDV-A Division B iRk 2 : 2 NaS dM- 0 : 4 Nb. ScT 4 : 0 ReV ReD-B 2 : 2 Psi   Little League ReD 0 : 4 KDV-B SK 2 : 2 ash   >>> all replays we received <<<   Summary   As mentioned in the intro, all clan wars commenced nicely and th
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  • 27.01. um 20:03

BWCL: Feuer Frei!

BWCL: Feuer Frei!   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,   in less than 24 hours the first official play day of the Brood War Clan League will start. We’re thrilled to see that 21 teams and over 200 players signed up for the launch of the oldest StarCraft Brood War Clan League!   Divisions   Since we haven even number of teams, we could easily create two divisions for Season 44. Every clan will play each other once, until we have a final grid. Afterwards the leading two teams of each division will advance to the play offs right after the season.   As for the Little League goes: We sadly only have five teams in the division. Unless a sixth team magically shows up, we’ll therefore only have four play days in this division. However, we’ll sta

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