BWCL: Baumschmuser Tour

Welcome dear users for the second news of the day!

Since we were a little bit late for the second week write up, the maps for upcoming sunday were announced a little late. Also, some of us admins are kind of bored. Therefore, we’d like to host a fun tournament open for anyone – again trying to give people a reason to play and connect with each other. You can sign up for our Baumschmuserturnier at Challonge using the following link:


Tour details:

Start: 16. November, 18:00 CET, Check-In starts at 17:30

Maps: Circuit Breaker, Oxide, Match Point, Outsider, Arcadia

Mode: Single Elimination, Best of Three, Finals Best of Five

Prizes: Pride

Discord: Discord Invite Link

Facebook: Like, Share & Subscribe XD XD XD XDXD XDd fug


There will be a stream of the event available, most likely starting at 18:30:


See you tomorrow!



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