BWCL: Last Updates

Before the league finally starts tomorrow, we’d like to give  few updates.

First off, thanks to every player, leader or trusted member who already joined our Discord Channel. Discord really does make communication slightly easier. To everyone who’s not in yet, please use the following invite to join us as well!

Secondly, since it has been asked: Line Ups for the actual clan wars should be done tomorrow and do not need to be submitted before the war started. We do not need you to post the line up in the forum or elsewhere. Simply go the / Discord at 17:00 CET and tell the opposing team who is going to play for you.

If you’re not sure about the procedure, use the following rule: The team listed under the „Clan 1“ column at our BWCL-Infopage first starts to announce their first 1on1 player. Afterwards the opposing team announces their first and second 1on1 player, and so on and so forth.


Pairings: Week 1, 05.11.2017
Map 1on1: Match Point / Map 2on2: Python
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
Inaequalis 0 – 0 ASES
Team psi 0 – 0 Team Condemned
Russian Mafia Team 0 – 0 Starcraft Troopers
sas 0 – 0 inte Riktigt kloka
SK A-Team 0 – 0 Lord
Rasierte Eier Dödel 0 – 0 Soul Gaming
Nine Knights 0 – 0 disturbed mind
Army From Future 0 – 0 Clan Stormy Army
NbTeam 0 – 0 meSiJa
SK B-Team 0 – 0 Klan Dark Venom
Condevilla Server Games 0 – 0 Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół

Please note: Both teams have to report the results of the clan war in our forum. There is no required form, a simple post with the scores is enough.


Finally: We plan to have a stream set up for you guys, starting at 17:00 CET at

BWCL: Week 1 BlizzCon 2017: StarCraft II wird ein wenig free to play + Mira Han im Coop
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