BWCL: Promo Tour #1

“The trouble with trying to make the right accident happen is that it won’t. That is not what „accident“ means.”

Being pushed to write two news in one day makes me happy, in a way that I want this day to be over fast, so I can return to whatever old people my age do (probably go to bed in time). However, one of our new admins (BWCL.ReBeL), who were supposed to make life easier, apparently think ’stress‘ is a synonym of ‚procrastination‘. One thing leads to another, and here we are – another news. Danke Merkel!


In order to test the new maps, promote the upcoming season of our beloved BWCL and to help you find new players, we’re going to host a 1n1 tournament next friday at 19:00 CET. To quote our eager admin, the rules are as follows:

– We play bo3 in a single elemination. (no Loserbracket)

– Map 1 Crossing Fields, Map 2 Aztec, Map 3 (if it’s 1-1) Eye of the Storm. (download Mappack)

– Everyone  can register until Jan. 19th. 2018, 6:30pm CET.

– At  6:30pm CET all participants have to be present in the channel „BWCL“ (european server).

– Start is at 7:00pm CET (please just register if u can be there)

– Save Replays

– The results are submitted by the participants themselves here in the bracket.


ReBeL was even so thoughtful to give me a final quote in order to get you rascals to play:


„Be there or be square!“ – SpongeReBeL SquarePants


>>>>> Tournament on Challonge

>>>>> Mappack Download

>>>>> BWCL Discord



BWCL: Feuer Frei! BWCL: The Kings and the new Maps
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