BWCL: The Kings and the new Maps

“Rather than arriving five hours late and flustered, it would be better all around if he were to arrive five hours and a few extra minutes late, but triumphantly in command.”

Alright, since a few days we do have a winner of the BWCL Beta-Season. For a very long time it seemed as if one of the SK-Teams would lift the imaginary crown, as they only left dead corpses every week and went undefeated into the play-offs. However, as the rule of thumb suggests, the narrative brings up some small guy called „Dave“, who’s good at slinging stuff towards the goliath at the horizont, defying physics and making for a good story. The name of BWCL Beta’s Daves were „army From Future“ and „Team Noobs“, who both successfully denied SK from entering the overall finals.

In some thrilling clan war both teams duked it out, while our beloved Volkssprecher (Vincent) commentated the war. Eventually the clan that already was triumphant in earlier (and regular) BWCL seasons, as well as in the ICCup Clan League several years ago, took the trophy – congratulations Team Noobs! Well deserved victors!

A celebrating Estonian Zergling with a blonde mustache hails the new kings – Team Noobs!


“God’s Final Message to His Creation:
We apologize for the inconvenience.”


Despite my SEO-monkey explaining to me the importance of editing this news with more thought (and due to me already running low on ideas how to), we have to skip some fancy intro text and just get to the point: we finalized our map pack. We also learned from past mistakes and release it early, so we figure out bugs before they fall back on us during the actual season. The Maps are the following:


1n1: Aztec – Circuit Breaker – Crossing Field – Destination – Fighting Spirit – Heartbreak Ridge – Longinus – Match Point – Outsider

2n2: Colloseum II – Eddy – Eye of the Storm – Gemlong – Hannibal – Iron Curtain – Python – Tornado – Vampire


> Download <<


That being said: Watch out for more news about the BWCL in the upcoming days, we’re planning on hosting some fun tournaments to both test the maps and also give you some place to play!

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