BWCL: Week 1

Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.


Before we beginn the review of the first week of BWCL, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who did show up and helped us sorting out the chaos that was the first week. That being said, thanks for participating!

As could be expected, some clans did not show up in time, so we had to shuffle the original schedule around a bit. Our apologies go to ScT, who sadly couldn’t get an opponent. Every clan who did not show up hopefully feels really sad. We’re currently tracking down the leaders of the no-show clans and send them pictures of disappointed and sad cats.


Now, without futher ado, we’d like to  present you the results:


Results: Week 1, 05.11.2017
Replaypack Download
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
ASES no show Clan Stormy Army
Team psi 2 – 2 Team Condemned
Russian Mafia Team 0 – 4 (w/o) Starcraft Troopers
Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół 1 – 3 Inaequalis
SK A-Team 3 – 0 Lord
Rasierte Eier Dödel 1 – 3 disturbed Mind
Nine Knights no show Soul Gaming
Army From Future 3 – 1 inte Riktigt kloka
NbTeam 4 – 0 meSiJa
SK B-Team 3 – 1 Klan Dark Venom
Condevilla Server Games no show sas

Both Team Noobs and Starcraft Troopers take the lead, closely followed by both SK-Teams and disturbed mind. So far only our eldest players, Team Condemned, and the East European Team Psi tied. Given that the leader of Condemned, Tashadan, complained about his old age and how he developed a „mouse arm“, this deserves a little respect. The full standings are available at our overview page.

Speaking of our seniors, we were actually sort-of ambushed. It was about 18:30 when we could hear the faint rattling noise of a wheelchair, slowly coming from the porch of our forum. Suddenly the smell of nursery homes and cheap Korn schnaps was filling the air. We could hear the cackling voice of an old man: „Aye boys, in my time the BWCL was organized better“. The monologue was going on for about fourty minutes, until Tashadan was done pointing out what he referred to as „follies and nonsense“ and finally fell asleep, still holding on to his cane and pipe, mumbling something about „Danke Merkel, du verdirbst die Jugend“.


We admit, he was not wrong. So, therefore we introduce some small changes: We now insist that every team leader and trusted member does use Discord. Discord makes it a lot easier to bypass the dreadful, especially since the Text Bug is still a thing. It also enables us to inform leaders a bit faster, since we have contact information. Therfore, here it is again: Discord Invite Link.

Also, to support our poor caster, we are going to probably set back the time for the cast, so that it eventually starts around 17:30.

So that you do not forget: Please join Discord next Sunday at around 16:50 CET. Discord, use it.

Finally, we also added a short tutorial in the „Report Results“ topic in our forum, so that it hopefully is easier to attach replays to posts.



The pairings for next week:


Pairings: Week 2, 12.11.2017
Map 1on1: Outsider / Map 2on2: Vampire
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
Starcraft Troopers vs Team Noobs
SK B-Team vs Army From Future
SK A-Team vs Inaequalis
Team Condemned vs disturbed Mind
inte Riktigt kloka vs Team Psi
Rasierte Eier Dödel vs Klan Dark Venom
ZZZ vs Condevilla Server Games
Nine Knights vs sas
ASES vs Clan Stormy Army
meSiJa vs LORD
russian Mafia no show Soul Gaming (resigned)

A final remark: Hot from clan Rasierte Eier Dödel (Shaved Ball Dudes) just recently moved to Berlin. Hot does not know many people, but wants to find new friends. Since we’re all about love and such, maybe contact him in our forum, if you happen to live in/close to Berlin.


Did we mention you should use Discord?


Have a nice week!

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The BWCL is back and that is so awesome! Thanks for organizing that and also thanks for the cast (although I feel so embarrassed because of my games x)!
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