BWCL: Week 2

The second week of BWCL was concluded sunday night and we have to open with some sad news. While the league originally started out with 22 clans, it seems as if the number of sign ups shrunk and is now down to 15. The administrators have heard from the clans Soul Gaming and Russian Mafia – both can’t or don’t wish to play in the league anymore. It’s a pitty to see you go.

Moreover, the clans sas, ASES, Condevilla Server Games and Nine Knights haven’t reported or showed up for games in the past two weeks. Therefore these five clans are removed from this season as well, as the administration tries to avoid giving out walk overs and waste everyone’s time. However, if the team leaders do respond in time, we can give these clans a very last chance to continue in the ongoing seasons. We’re advicing the leaders / trusted members to contact us in Discord.


Now to the other important thing, the results of last week:

Results: Week 3, 19.11.2017
Replay download
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
Starcraft Troopers 0 – 4 Team Noobs
SK B-Team 2 – 2 Army From Future
SK A-Team 3 – 1 Inaequalis
Team Condemned 1 – 3 disturbed Mind
inte Riktigt kloka 2 – 2 Team Psi
Rasierte Eier Dödel 2 – 2 Klan Dark Venom
ZZZ walk over Condevilla Server Games (disqualified)
Nine Knights (disqualified) walk over sas (disqualified)
ASES (disqualified) walk over Clan Stormy Army (disqualified)
meSiJa 3 – 1 LORD
russian Mafia no show Soul Gaming (resigned)

For now we have three leading teams: Team Noobs, SK A-Team and disturbed Mind, all of them having scored two out of two possible wins. You can see the full ranking on our overview page.

Also, to answer a question repeatedly asked: We advice all teams to play out a clan war, even if the war is decided with a 3-0 win. Every set might play a role for future season seedings and the final play offs. The better you score, the better your rank is.


The pairings for next week:


Pairings: Week 3, 19.11.2017
Map 1on1: Oxide / Map 2on2: Hannibal
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
SK A-Team vs Team Noobs
SK B-Team vs disturbed Mind
Army From Future vs Inaequalis
Starcraft Troopers vs Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół
meSiJa vs Team Psi
Team Condemned vs Klan Dark Venom
Rasierte Eier Dödel vs LORD
inte Riktigt kloka vs walk over
BWCL: Baumschmuser Tour BWCL: Week 1
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