BWCL: Week 3

The friendly tone of BWCL seems to keep up, despite many having some lag issues due to the most recent patch.


The results:


Division A:


ash. 3-1 BuLL)


AFM 1-3 SK-A


aFF 1-3 TA


[KDV-A] 4-0 inae.


ReD-A had their Sunday off.


Division B:


dM- –  mSj. (mSj. won by walk over)


ScT – [NaS] ([NaS] won by walk over)


ReD-B –  Nb. (ReD-B won by walk over)


pSi. 3-1 ReV


Clan iRk- had their Sunday off.


Little League:


SK  1-3  iRk-


ash.  0-4 [KDV-B]


ReD had their Sunday off.




Division B suffered heavily from walk overs and only had one CW played. Nb. did manage to gather a line up nearly an hour later, however at that point the WO was already given and the opposing team had gone offline. Not ideal, but kudos for the attempt. We’re hoping they’re coming back strong next week!


In Division A aFF]4Stars[ was his usual friendly self and seemingly had a good time with shox – TA’s leader. TA, being the team with the smallest roster, still consistently has players at the ready and are sharing the top spot in the Division with SK-A. Very well done!

The CW between pSi and ReV was streamed by Vincent, whose train was behaving as it should this time. Aside from some bad manners from ReV, the games all went well as ReV had a seemingly endless stream of protoss players. pSi showed Bulgarian muscle and defeated them handily 3-1 – ReV only scraping a 2-1 win in a rather laggy 2v2.

All in all, things keep on running rather smootly, even with laggy patches and walk overs. However, we do stress that if you sign up for a clan league, you should take the time to prioritize showing up. It shouldn’t all fall upon the leaders or admins – it’s a responsibility we all share!


Walk overs:


The baby sloth and his stuffed cow animal were happy before sunday. The sloth’s name was Sir Cuddlington-Worthfor and he has up to that point enjoyed sunshine, flowers and his stuffed cow (Mr. Moo-Moo the Third). For no apparent reason, other than to make this world a whole lot worse, the clan members of disturbed Mind, Team Noobs and StarCraft Troopers ganged up on him and bullied poor Cuddlington-Worthfor. Shame on you. If that happens again, a message especially directed towards disturbed Mind and Team Noobs, the BWCL Administration is going to do things. For instance, there might be a serious telephone conversation with our Moscow contacts. Please show up. Wherever you are. No more sloth incidents!



Week 4 Preview

Division A:


TA vs [KDV-A]


SK-A vs aFF




ReD-A vs ash


inae. has their Sunday off.


Division B:


Nb. vs pSi.


[NaS] vs ReD-B


mSj. vs ScT


iRk- vs dM-


ReV has their Sunday off.

Little League:


iRk- vs ash.


ReD vs SK


For week 4, the maps will be as follows;


First map for 1v1 – Longinus


First map for 2v2 – Vampire


After that, loser chooses from the BWCL map pool.


Map pool:


1v1: Aztec – Circuit Breaker – Crossing Field – Destination – Fighting Spirit – Heartbreak Ridge – Longinus – Match Point – Outsider

2v2: Colloseum II – Eddy – Eye of the Storm – Gemlong – Hannibal – Iron Curtain – Python – Tornado – Vampire


writer: BWCL.incomplete

picture and text for picture: Gecko

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