BWCL: Week 4 ++ Update ++

Hello dear users,


this week has a few updates and sadly a little drama. Let’s start with the updates. Due to the fact that we encountered several problems, we added the following rule:


„8.5  Maps should be chosen from their respective folder (1n1 maps from 1n1, 2n2 maps from 2n2)“


Remember: Always check the map version before you start a game. If you disagree with the chosen map, because it’s either a non-BWCL version or a map from the 2on2 map pool, communicate that clearly. In case of disagreements you can not resolve with your opponent, please contact an admin immediately.


Next up, the results of the past week:

Results: Week 4
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
SK A-Team (pending disqualification) 0 – 2 SK B-Team
Team Noobs 2 – 2 disturbed Mind
Inaequalis 1 – 3 Team Psi
Starcraft Troopers 0 – 4 inte Riktigt kloka
Team Condemned 3 – 1 Army From Future
Klan Dark Venom 3 – 1 LORD
meSiJa 4 – 0 Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół
Rasierte Eier Dödel 4 – 0 walk over


As can be seen, we encountered two more walk over cases, one concerning the Polish Clan ZZZ. ZZZ’s organiser already responded, so a last chance will be given.

However, the second case (SK A vs. SK B) was a bit more difficult. Despite both teams sharing the same managers and knowing their opponent for Week 4 days in advance, two of their sets ended in a walk over. Moreso, the managers in question were involved in several issues, such as ignoring admin’s requests or posing as league administration themselves. As a result, both managers are now banned from the league.

Please understand that this league is about fun, not about bending the rules.

Since the last official statement by „SK A-Team“ referred to the BWCL as „lower priority“, the team has been removed for the league by now. If their players wish to remain part of this league, they are invited to either join their B-Team or appoint a new, more mature organiser. We’d like to stress out that we do not want to punish the team for their organiser’s attitude.

All the drama aside, we’re about to enter the second-to-last play day for the beta season. Please check the table below:


Pairings: Week 5, 3.12.2017
Map 1on1: Overwatch / Map 2on2: Katrina
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
SK B-Team vs Team Psi
Team Noobs vs inte Riktigt kloka
Team Condemned vs Starcraft Troopers
disturbed Mind vs Inaequalis
meSiJa vs Klan Dark Venom
Army From Future vs Rasierte Eier Dödel
LORD vs Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół


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