BWCL: Week 4

Halfway through the season for Division A and B, and we’re starting to see who’s drawing close to victory. In Division A it’s a really tight race between [KDV-A], TA and SK-A – granted, [KDV-A] has one less match played. Whereas in Division B clan iRk- has taken a solid lead. The Little League only has one week left and we see [KDV-B] having a small lead over iRk-.


Division A:


TA 1-3 [KDV-A]


SK-A – aFF (SK-A won by walk over)


BuLL – AFM (BuLL won by walk over)


ReD-A 4-0 ash


inae. had their Sunday off.


Division B:


Nb. – pSi. (pSi. won by walk over)


[NaS] 4-0 ReD-B


mSj. 2-2 ScT


iRk- 3-1 dM-


ReV had their Sunday off.


Little League:


iRk- 2-2 ash.


ReD 1-3 SK


[KDV-B] had their Sunday off.




It’s been a week of contrasts. dM- who has been struggling with walk overs earlier in the season, has made a strong comeback and are now well in action. Their CW against iRk- was highlighted in the BWCL stream, cast by our beloved Vincent. However, one of the games was postponed and Vincent showed the games from ReD vs ash., where the ReD army showed communist muscle leaving their enemies in ashes.


But as dM- has shown strong recovery, neither -AFM-, aFF or Nb. had line ups ready. AFM-Bhindt was occupied elsewhere and as none of his team mates stepped up to take responsibility, BuLL) was given the win. Nb. seems to have dissolved now that Favorit, who tried admirably to gather line ups, has moved over to iRk-. As such, it has been ruled by the BWCL Admins that all clans in Division B is given a walk over (+1 win and +1 set win) against Nb. This ruling functions retroactively. Which makes dM- revert their prior 0-4 loss against Nb. to a 1-0 win.


The top clans TA and [KDV-A] faced one another, where [KDV-A] showed quite strong form in a seemingly smooth CW. Although TA’s leader is shox and [KDV-A]’s is ShOck, nothing shocking appeared as they were both nice, sweet and tender. Although both teams are top contestants in the dividions, [KDV-A]  hints toward stronger form with a strong victory.


In contrast, there was a slight hiccup between mSj. and ScT- where one of mSj.’s players got banned from week 5 and 6 in BWCL due to a rather poor attitude. Luckily, this does not represent the team, as mSj.’s leader apologized and has always shown a great attitude and manners towards his adversaries.


In the Little League, we’re drawing ever closer to the end. iRk- and ash. seemed to have a very friendly and even CW, wheras SK were able to take down ReD. Both CW seemed well organied, friendly and overall quite wholesome. Although the bottom three teams have rather set spots on the score table, the last week’s CW stands between iRk- and [KDV-B]. The latter leading, but if iRk- can pull home a strong win, they may very well jump up to first place in their final chance. It shall be very exciting to see how this CW in particular ends up.


Lastly, remember that this kitten was left behind this week – desperate and alone. Crying its lonesome tears as walk overs plagued his mind. Please, don’t make more kittens victims of this travesty. Make sure to prioritize what you’ve signed up for!

Week 5 Preview

Division A:


-AFM- vs ReD-A


aFF vs BuLL


[KDV-A] vs SK-A


inae. vs TA


ash. has their week off.



Division B:


ScT vs iRk-


ReD-B vs mSj.


pSi. vs [NaS]


ReV vs Nb.


dM- has their week off.



Little League:


ash. vs ReD


[KDV-B] vs iRk-


SK has completed all their games this season.


For week 5, the maps will be as follows;


First map for 1v1 – Circuit Breakers


First map for 2v2 – Eye of the Storm


After that, loser chooses from the BWCL map pool.


Map pool:


1v1: Aztec – Circuit Breaker – Crossing Field – Destination – Fighting Spirit – Heartbreak Ridge – Longinus – Match Point – Outsider

2v2: Colloseum II – Eddy – Eye of the Storm – Gemlong – Hannibal – Iron Curtain – Python – Tornado – Vampire


The Work on the Revolution Continues


If you read our news and threads carefully, you might have noticed additions to our team, for one incomplete.ReV, who brings you your weekly news, as well as an old colleague of mine: Face aka. Roia (killed BW 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 also looks quite scared at the Italian master mind of doom), the former ICCup Senior Admin. In an tireless effort to futher the glory of communism the Brood War Clan League he re-hashed some of our Challonge links. You can now download all replays that have been submitted directly from the „Brackets“ over at Challonge. To do so, just click on the results of the clan wars and you’ll be shown the files!

BWCL Division ABWCL Division BBWCL Little League


Have a blast and a good week, ve suggest dass you have some Feierei until sen. Danke Merkel, BWCL aus.



Patch 4.2.0: Balance-Änderungen im Co-op-Modus BWCL: Week 3