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19. Februar 2007, 05:02
Clean Gaming is looking for both 1v1 and 2v2 skilled gamers that will be loyal and dependable. Our Channel is: Op CleanTeam on West.

[Clean] will soon be competing in BWCL, WGT-CL, and WSCL(wscleague.net)
We will usually have a friendly cw every weekend. Which will make a total of 3-4 CWs a week.

The minimum Requirements are:
» Skill level of PGT B Rank (If your zerg you can be B- maybe)
» Must be GM, bm will not be tolerated (we don’t care who you are)
» Very Active (Must play at LEAST 3 days a week)
» No double teaming
» Must show up for at least 2 clanwars a week
» Know English

It is extremly hard to join Clean at the moment as we are looking for long-term commitment and loyalty.

»To Join Clean you must first get into contact with a Clean member,preferably a Leader and take a Test, usually a Bo3 vs 1 of our topmembers.
If you pass this test you will then be able to go on Trialfor Clean. The Clean Trial ID is Clean_Name or Name_Clean we dont careas long as Clean_ ID is used, we dont care who you are you MUST dothis. This Tag is mandatory and during this trial u must be extremlyactive and play with our members and after 1-3 weeks, leaders/memberswill vote if you are in.

If you disappear for over 3 days without a good excuse, you will be removed immediately and fail to join Clean.

Leaders are:

You can contact me here:
e-mail: Soap@wscleague.net
AIM: t3h pwnerer
MSN: DarkIntruder57@hotmail.com

Our website is currently under construction.
Temporary Website: http://www.cleanteam.co.nr/

12. März 2007, 11:55
pretty ambitious i think.

16. März 2007, 23:23
its amazing, that a west clan searchs members on our german community side :)