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29. Mai 2007, 19:57
is zwar ausm neuen buch, aber hängt sicher alles zusammen...

StarCraft II Story Details

Firstborn has hit shelves during last week and details regarding its plot are slowly coming to surface.

The most important update so far comes from BlizzPlanet: The book's plot is in tie-in with StarCraft II's plot. No wonder the book was released only after the game's announcement...

Here is a short summary of the book's prologue, written by Medievaldragon of BlizzPlanet:


Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Originally Posted by BlizzPlanet
Arcturus Mengsk has a secret he kept hidden from his enemies for two decades. So important, only his elite soldiers knew of and protected at the Umojan Protectorate for years. Something that would carry forth the dynasty of the Mengsk.

Temples and artifacts like those found in Bhekar Ro (read Starcraft: Shadows of the Xel'Naga) are surfacing in various planets. A third alien race is coming. The phoenix-like energy beings that absorb zerg and protoss alike. Mengsk wants every possible knowledge and power he can extract from those temples. Jake Ramsey, reknown for the Pegasus excavation, is the man to unravel the mysteries of one of various temples. Except, he did not count on a Preserver uploading the memories of all protoss who ever existed into his mind to be holder of a knowledge that will seal the fate of the galaxy.

Are these "phoenix-like energy beings" related to the creation of the Hybrids and Duran? Possibly. Will we see them as a 4th race in StarCraft II, or will they have the same fate as The Burning Legion in WarCraft III?

Firstborn is the first volume in the Dark Templar Trilogy by author Christie Golden. Go read it now!

29. Mai 2007, 20:26
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