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30. Mai 2007, 21:09
Hi there, I'd like to join a good, competitive sc:bw clan. IPS is looking good in bwcl+has good name :)

my aka is oxia, ex clans CLF, inF, etc.
PGT high was c+/b-, around that
I'm a 1v1 protoss user, 2v2 protoss with zerg ally user
I sometimes play zerg and terran, depending on my mood and map.
Msg me for a game or if you want to talk, my nick is once again, Oxia.

28. Juni 2007, 22:02

the international Team quality Gamers is still searching members!


pls visit our site and msg me pls if you have time for test-games: 223-268-214 or simply just write in our forums ;-)