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14. März 2004, 18:22

hab das grad gefunden:

News about sc2

Directly from Blizzard a news came about sc2..
There will be 4 races,beside terran,protoss and zerg we will have a
Protoss/Zerg hybrid , called Vanix..
Every race will have 5 new units, 2 new buildings, and new upgrades.
If u wanna know more... read the rest ^^

Hello. We at Blizzard Entertainment like to let the fans know what's going o_n with our products. For this reason, we have decided to release some StarCraft 2 information to some of our fans' sites. We give you permission to post this information o_n your site.

First, there will be 4 races, Terran, Protoss, Zerg, and the Protoss/Zerg hybrid, called Vanix. Each race will have 5 new units, 2 new buildings, and new upgrades. For the Terrans, they will have: Rocketeer (shoots rockets, has splash damage), Heavy Cruiser (improved Battle Cruiser, used in heavy assault situations), Wraith Bomber (it's a bomber), Wriath Kamikaze (like the Zerg's Scourge, but has guns too), and Cannon (not like the Protoss cannon, but more of a tactical strike cannon, immobile) The Protoss will have: Mothership (improved carrier, holds 20 interceptors, more health, more shields), Nomad (physically improved Zealot, with an energy rifle), High Archon (a Dark Templar/High Templar meld, it will be like a Dark Archon, can mind control, and attack), Walker (combination of 5 Dragoons, slow, but very powerful), and Exploder (name may change by release, it's just like an Observer, but can be sent in to detonate inside an enemy base.) The Zerg will have: Hyperlisk (Ult! ralisk's evolved stage, much quicker, and much more powerful, can burrow), Acid Colony (attacks both ground and air with acid), Creeper (does not attack, o_nly moves underground, used for spying), King (like a Queen, but can attack, and infest any building of any race that produces soldiers, thus making things like Infested Siege Tanks that roll into areas and explode), and finally Bladeling (a bigger version of a Zergling, stands upright, and wields blades for arms.)

Second, here are some of the upgrades (some, not all, there are many more than this). The Terrans will have: The ability to make any building fly (including supply depots), Omega Ray (like the Battle Cruiser's Yamato gun, the Heavy Cruiser's Omega Ray will do much more damage), and (one of our favorites), the ability to eject from a vehicle. Let's say a Siege Tank is about to be destroyed, you can eject the person inside, and you'll be able to run away, thus saving a person for later use. The people inside the vehicles will be statistically better than Marines, they'll have more health, do more damage, and have better range. Some Protoss upgrades include: Pylon mobility (yes, now you will be able to move your Pylons. It will be wheel based, so it can't travel over water.), Dragoon Cloak (you'll be able to cloak your Dragoons with this, we're not sure if we will have this for Walkers though), and Fortify (a High Archon ability, it channels the shields of the High Archon into e! ither a building or another unit. Zerg upgrades will include: Overlord bombing (you'll be able to pick up bombs with overlords, and instead of just spying with them, drop bombs o_n your enemies) Zergling Acidic Sac (will allow Zerglings to spit acid), and Hyperlisk Trample (if a Hyperlisk encounters a small unit like a Marine, it can simply walk all over him and kill him) There will be some added graphic effects too, if you destroy a Battle Cruiser, it may either explode in the air (depending o_n the force of the blow) or it may fall to the ground, causing damage. Another cool effect we have planned, sometime when you destroy a Siege Tank, you'll see the driver fly into the air, then plummet to the ground. We also plan the following: If a machine based unit is destroyed, it does damage to the units around it.

We do not have much information o_n the Vanix race, we have just started working o_n them. We may even throw in a hidden mission or two, or even a hidden race. The cheat codes will be changed, and they will still be disabled o_n Battle.net. Speaking of Battle.net, it will be possible for 14 players to compete in a match, and it will be possible to change settings (day/night, fog thickness, etc.) Alliances will be chosen before the match starts, and cannot be broken. You will be able to ally with the computer as well.
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mfg Tom

14. März 2004, 18:28
lol 8[ war shcion mal huier im forum udn au0ßerdem verarsche
mothership rofl rofl

14. März 2004, 18:28
Auf jeden Fall. :stupid:

Aber sind ein paar lustige Ideen dabei!

14. März 2004, 18:28
ban pls

14. März 2004, 18:33
tut mir leid, ich hab schon viel dummes ueber sc2 gehoert, aber das ist echt zu laecherlich.

14. März 2004, 18:46
zeig mir plz den post in den blizz news, wie gibts net? ah ja... :rolleyes:

14. März 2004, 18:47

14. März 2004, 18:51
Original geschrieben von Prof.Dr.Zwiebel
zeig mir plz den post in den blizz news, wie gibts net? ah ja... :rolleyes:

soweit ich weiss bist du keine blizzard fansite

14. März 2004, 18:58
was willst du mir von scheiss fansites erzählen? ich will die primärquelle

General Mengsk
14. März 2004, 19:00