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    How to take a freewin

    Here is what you need to take a freewin the right way:

    1. Go to the Freewin Thread on the board. Make sure that it is the right one, as there is a seperate topic for each playday
    2. Write down your division and the Clanwar. If there is a freewin in a single match tell us too. Tell us who takes the freewin.
    3. Paste the link to the match in here. This gives us an quick access to the war.
    4. Give a reason why freewin is taken. Pls proof it with screenshots.

    Here are two examples for freewins for the whole team and for single player matches:

    Freewin for the whole team:

    Freewin for a single player match:


    We would like to remind you again:

    If you want to get a freewin, then post your matchlink! Without a matchlink we will not award freewins in the future, so it's up to you whether you want one or not.
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    Denke die Ermordung osama bin ladens lag auch zeitlich in der gegend, liegt eher daran.
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    lol, wus? die leute haben weniger filme im kino angeguckt, wegen osama bin laden?
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    der statistische zusammenhang ist unwiderlegbar!


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