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    Opponents not reporting games

    What happens if opponents don't report the matches for a few weeks? The whole standing table is wrong because of that.
    It's right now possible to report matches for 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks the then reported result should count as "accepted from both sides". But it doesn't seem to work this way.

    Also when one side reported a result it should be only a few days for the other team to confirm or change until it is fixed eventually.
    There are so many results even from the first match day that haven't been confirmed by many opponents. This makes the whole table obsolete.

    Another thing is that the W-L-D is still wrong for many teams (almost for every team in our division http://starcraft2.ingame.de/sc2cl/?m...divisionId=251 ) Edit: actually that's because of the issue above that many opponents don't confirm results ...

    All this is happening since the first season of SC2CL and I can't imagine why that hasn't been fixed T_T

    Please add an auto confirm a few days to 2 weeks after the match has been reported first. The least thing it should to is to auto confirm after 2 weeks, because after that you can't even report another result.
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    i will do an fix of all the missing encounters after the season. So long there is nothing we can do for you..
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    Denke die Ermordung osama bin ladens lag auch zeitlich in der gegend, liegt eher daran.
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    lol, wus? die leute haben weniger filme im kino angeguckt, wegen osama bin laden?
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    der statistische zusammenhang ist unwiderlegbar!


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