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    SC2CL Cast every sunday

    Hello SC2CL Community and hello to every participant of the SC2CL!

    My Name is GUNdALF and I am the head of the instarcraft casting section.

    Our goal is to make the SC2CL more interesting and enjoyable for the whole community. Therefor it would be great to generate several hours of live content every playday-sunday. I am thinking of about four hours starting at 20.00 CEST until maybe even midnight.

    One positive side effect for the clans would be more publicity and another that the league might be more interesting for sponsors.

    Foremost this concerns the Master League, since it has the strongest teams, the highest level of play and it can probably provide the most entertaining games.
    We would also love to feature some games from lower divisions to present the league as a whole and show that it has much to offer for strong teams as well as lesser known teams.

    It would be great if we could work together to get interesting matches for every sunday!
    Perhaps two teams could play all games one after another for great live action, or team leaders provide us with replays for recasting really fast.

    On the stream we would also like to introduce the clans and teams participating in the SC2CL, so it would be nice to get some information from the team leaders (for example how long the team exists, how you decided on the name, how many members, which games you support or any of the funny nice and positive stuff there is to know about your teams).
    Perhaps you could send me some information via PN/private Message here in the forum (especially that teams which have no homepage linked in their SC2CL profile).

    Thank you for your attention and thanks in advance to those of you who want to contribute. I am really looking forward to your responses!

    GL HF to all of you on the next SC2CL sunday

    Best regards
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    i would like to do some casting


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