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    Sep 2008

    combat vs awex


    das spiel swzischen

    incamumjungs vs maerverick
    spiel http://starcraft2.ingame.de/sc2cl/?m=replays&file=99543
    hat er als sieg gewertet , obwohl ein vorteil fürn incamumjungs awex raus kamm , nach dem er sein drop fail schlieg würde maverick nicht ausn spiel verlassen dagegen incamumjungs würde direkt pc absturz.
    wird nach ein remtach verlangt ?

    oda darf maverick sein sieg nehm obwohl er ja nach sien drop wohl was angewendet hat

    sehr inseriuors
    ich pass auf

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    Lass bitte deinen Text, bevor du ihn demnächst abschickst, nochmal von jemanden gegenelsen.
    Ich raff keinen Meter was du hier von uns willst.

    Lass das Ganze bitte nochmal von einem anderen Spieler aus deinem Team schreiben, dann sehen wir weiter.
    EYES ON U - Multigaming | Managing Director
    m.puttler@eyes-on-u.de | #myeyes (Quakenet)

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    Jan 2012
    can anyone explain me why there is new topic, when we are waiting for answer to this matter almost week in this thread?: http://starcraft2.ingame.de/forum/sh...d.php?t=221969

    again in german, i getting quite angry about mitskillandermaus still writting in german, when i cant defend against accusations written in different language.. i thought that its international forum and that the problem is being dealt with in another thread.... to mitskillandermaus vs maverick matter, i dont know what is waiting for, he won 2-1 and there are replays uploaded.. if mitskillandermaus get dropped, sorry, but its not mavericks fault, it happened in 11 min and mitskillandermausdidnt have any advantage - according to rules, its over 3 mins and there was engagement, so he should clearly lost... i thought the only thing admins are considering is firing awex from league for their violations of rules and bad manner (which is shown also in writting new topics in german again and again).. they arent a team anyways, they are constantly changing complete lineup and use ppl outside their clan to play when they have no player to play..

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    Head Admin

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    It's no real good german at all. So this post is not understandable for us admins, too. So we just have to wait till mitskillandermaus has given us some help for understanding th first post. We will then translate for you...
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    Denke die Ermordung osama bin ladens lag auch zeitlich in der gegend, liegt eher daran.
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    lol, wus? die leute haben weniger filme im kino angeguckt, wegen osama bin laden?
    Zitat Zitat von kingcools Beitrag anzeigen
    der statistische zusammenhang ist unwiderlegbar!

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    @ shadow: since you have quoted the rules, you should be familiar with the second paragraph:
    "There can be exceptions in certain situations (the player who disconnects was clearly winning the game). Decisions on this will be made by the SC2CL staff and are final. If you feel you were winning the game and got a disconnect, contact an admin with the replay."
    your opponent is claiming this to be the case. also he accused maverick of using a drophack.
    Since the admins are all pretty busy with getting the new season on the way, getting everyone to check the replays takes a bit longer than we would like, but thats just the way it is. Please be patient. This issue, as well as others that have not been decided yet, will be resolved before the end of the month.
    Regards Gonzales

    Edit: Decision http://starcraft2.ingame.de/forum/sh...d.php?t=221969
    Geändert von Gonzales (25. April 2012 um 14:30 Uhr)
    Wenn du ein Schiff bauen willst, so trommle nicht Leute zusammen, um Holz zu beschaffen, Werkzeuge vorzubereiten, Aufgaben zu vergeben und die Arbeit einzuteilen, sondern wecke in ihnen die Sehnsucht nach dem weiten, endlosen Meer.

    Besucht das ivy amateur team!


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