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Thema: Week 8 Review

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    Week 8 Review

    Week 8

    So far, so good – the league keeps rolling forward. In Division A, we see ash getting a firm grip on third place after beating KDV-A. When asking Yeti, one of KDV-A leaders, whether they were thinking much about the competition for third place, his reply was; «We did not think that ash could defeat us, that's why we came to it for fun». Losing didn't dampen the mood, however, since KDV-A played seriously until losing against SK-A and ReD-A. After that, it's been all for the fun of it. ShOck[KDV], heir clan leader added that; «...we had some issues with turnout of our main CW players, like Czitek[KDV], KRLY[KDV], mayyaS[KDV]. They became less active for the last two weeks. I'm not sure if we're gonna have a full team for next CWs, cause some of our players will play for NW Team in Shinhan Tank Proleague, I think that the rest of BWCL we'll play for fun, testing skills of our players, who didn't play as often in CW. I'm also thinking about promoting some of our players from team B to team A in order to not have issues with their presence.»

    A ray of light shone through as well, where BuLL) were able to play their games. A team that has had a lot of problems with walk overs, but is now looking to make a strong comeback even managing to tie their clan war against TA.

    inae. faced the second place holders ReD-A. «It was our third match with RED, we win in preseason, we lost in RTL and we lost now. CW was cool and ok. Future plan is keep playing BWCL, maybe some another league if it will be something interesting. It depends on activity of our members. I am still finding new players, but it is not critical situation as it was few weeks ago..», says inae leader Inae.m0ses.

    In Division B, Vincent streamed the iRk- locomotive steamrolling Clan Revolution, where Carebear.ReV was their only saving grace – being their only undefeated player throughout the entire season. iRk-AgGe, the man of tanned abs and blue hair, was asked what he'd call the victory with a movie title. To which he responded; «The New Guy». If you're like me and wonder «what movie is that?», then have no fear. This is a short summary from imdb.com;

    «A high school senior branded uncool in the ninth grade gets himself expelled so he changes his image to cool kid at the town's other high school.»

    Aside from iRk- reigning supreme in first place, [NaS] and dM- are quite close in second and third. Though, [NaS] do seem to be able to hold their spot, even if dM- is facing the seemingly weakest team their next round.

    In the Little League, the fight goes on and iRk- is the first team to reach the finals. When asking iRk-AgGe if he was proud of the efford, he replied; «I am indeed, the sundays in the Little League has been crazy hard, cause we're only three players in the lineup. Me mostly hungover on sundays, Koen only playing 3on3hunters and poor Cackster being the only one of us who actually knows how to play some tactics. So most of the cw's have been resting heavily on his shoulders.»

    KDV-B is in the loser bracket's finals, waiting for the winner between SK and ash to enter the arena.

    One play off is nearing its end, and the next is only a few weeks from beginning. There's still a lot of excitement to look forward to! Long live the Queen of Blades!

    Maps for week 9;

    1v1 – Match Point
    2v2 – Python

    Then losers choose from the BWCL Mappool.

    You can find results and future opponents here;

    Division A - https://challonge.com/BWCL44_Division_A
    Division B - https://challonge.com/BWCLS44_Division_B
    Little League Playoffs - https://challonge.com/LLPlayOff

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    Good job on writing the news, dear Incomplete.ReV


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