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    StarCraft II Diary

    Hello everyone,,,
    I wanted to tell you about my project that I started. The most important data for those who do not want to read so long texts will come now, a more detailed explanation why why below.

    Project Type: StarCraft 2 Diary on YouTube
    Number of Videos: Every day at least 1 (
    if possible but I really tried!) Start: Started today
    Race: Teran only
    Language: English
    What the project involves:
    -A long series of 1v1 Ranked games
    -I start with bronze and play myself up to master

    goal of the whole: A SC2 diary by starting as high as possible from bronze on starting. At least you want to be mid-master.

    YouTube Channel: AleXusher92

    And now to the more detailed explanation and how I imagine the project.

    Since I was a diamond at WoL times, but stopped and started playing in HotS again, I thought I could also do with how the 1000 other people on YT do something with the game SC2 as content.

    After playing and winning the Bronze Gold Cup # 1, I was even more and more in the mood for ambitious games. I practiced a lot at that time, in the unranked, so my rating and placement remained untouched. That was important, after all, I've always wanted to play as far as bronze from bronze as I come. Simply also all the experiences that a "low league" brings with it.

    I have thought a lot about how I approach the whole thing so that it does not get boring. Noobs to bashen brings nothing and is also boring to watch.

    That's why I thought, since I'm starting at the bottom, I can go to the newer and less fit players by caste from bronze to gold not the caste but catches myself playing. In the process, I will go into the most important things and start at the bottom: A-move, macro, hotkeys, steering groups, but above all A-move, macro and engagements. Later also when to use which skills and which units can what etc.
    showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/
    So really from the beginning. I'll try to play as most in bronze would do that, say mouse only, and just stop the A-move, that's just duty. In silver, it goes on and it comes more and more to what I think it takes to ascend.

    This will allow those who follow me to see that it is not "hard" to ascend and use my progress as a motivational aid to play and develop on a one-to-one basis simply by practicing what I show them. That should be enough to ascend.

    From Platinum, I will then cast only the replays. At least that's what I want to do. I do not know how well I can concentrate when I explain the BOs, what I see and scout, my decisions and all this entertaining to pack. From platinum I will then namely on the BOs meta, scouting, reading, etc., which I find easier if I caste the replay. This allows me to deal with special events easier and more intensive, explain the timings and BOs I play.

    Of course I will not win all the games, that would be nonsense and unrealistic, it will even be that I lose a lot of games. I'm not a progamer! But it just helps me if I can watch my development at any time and maybe a few others will benefit if they laddle up with me

    . I also thought it would be easy to stream, but my internet and my PC are too bad.

    The project will be all in English. Although my English is not the best, I can handle it so far and it does not hurt to force yourself to speak a foreign language to stay fit or to improve. Watching shows nice and good, but most of all you learn when you practice yourself and when speaking notes, which phrases, words, etc. are missing and where are still weaknesses in the sentence structure. At least the playthroughs gave me a good oral grade in the group exams, so it was worth

    it. I hope someone finds interest in it, if not that is not bad, I found only the idea of ​​a virtual SC2 diary quite attractive.

    So I wish all GL and HF
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