Neeb (Starcraft Pro Player) One of WCG's 4 Pro Players that will attend on grand finals. Neeb's real name is Alex Sunderhaft, A Pro StarCraft Player from USA who play for TING. Neeb's portraits were made available in-game as part of the WCS 2017 Portrait Pack, and WCS 2018 Portrait Pack as he made history in that year (Portrait > He is also the winner of the 2017 GreatGamers Award in the RTS category.

Can he make history in WCG this year? Well, we will eventually find out when the time has come for those 4 pro players to compete in Xi'an China.

Things you dont know about neeb.
-Neeb became the first 'foreigner' to win a Premier StarCraft 2 tournament held on Korean soil.
-He's currently the second youngest active player (born February 17, 1998) with a Premier tournament win. (The youngest being Serral)
-He and Serral are the only players to have won 3 out of 4 WCS Circuit Tournaments in a single year: he achieved this in 2017.