BWCL – The Return of the King

We are now cruising at a level of two to the power of twenty-five thousand to one against and falling, and we will be restoring normality just as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway.


Dear friends,

it has been 17 years since the Brood War Clan League, BWCL for short, has been launched for the first time. In its long lasting history the German fan league could provide clans such as the Templars of Twilight, Deutschlands kranke Horde, aeterna societas honoris, Excello and Meet Your Makers with suiting battle grounds. It was the arena that brought us the first uproars by the emergence of young talents, such as Mondragon and kolll, as well as the scene the old guard like FiSheYe used to compete with the very best. Yet, the BWCL’s most important role could best be described as being the community hub for any kind of team: no matter how good your line up was, there was always a place for all users.

Thanks to the remodelling of Brood War, we can now finally try to survive the good old damsel: The Brood War Clan League will once more open its doors – sign ups are free, the competition is hard, its forums are difficult to navigate and the admins promise to be as stubborn as humanly possible, begone be the spirits of sisisiseriousness! Let’s have a blast, unite and come together as what we are: fans of the game!


Obacht, Achtung, Aufgemerkt – Information


We are merely stumbling into an experiment that is a larger clan league open to anyone. We thought it’s best to be as transparent as possible.

We can’t possibly know how many teams will sign up, nor which problems will be caused by the new interface on a server we have not much control over. Yet, that won’t stop us. Consequently, we start with the announcement of the league right now: we’re open for business. However, first we’d like to have a test season for several reasons.

  • Before putting a ton of work into re-activating the entire script after a down time of six years, we’d like to start with a test season to get an idea of how many clans and players are interested in the first place.
  • The test season will also serve as activity check for the teams. Experience tells us that the longer the season lasts, the more teams will disband. Thus, getting rid of the dead wood is in everyone’s interest. No hard feelings to anyone.
  • Lastly, we’d also like to create somewhat fair divisions – nobody should be forced to compete with the hardcore super gosus right away. This means the test season will be our first step to measure the average skill of each team.

We can’t really say very much about the mode – yet. It all depends on the sign ups (Swiss System vs. Divisions). For now, all we can provide is:

  • Each team needs at least five members. Every player must have – and that’s not open for discussion – at least fourty games played in the ongoing season.
  • A clan war consists of four games: 3 1on1s and one 2on2, mode will be Bo3 for each.
    The play days will be sundays at 17:00 CET.
  • The planned league start will be Sunday, 5th November.
  • All information relevant to the clan league needs to be posted (results, walk overs, re-scheduling) on’s ( BWCL forum – at least one of you has to endure the sign up to this forum.

The maps we are going to use will most likely be:

1on1: Outsider, Match Point, Circuit Breaker, Arcardia, Fighting Spirit, Overwatch, Oxide, Blitz X
Peaks of Baekdu

2on2: Vampire, Hannibal, Nostalgia, Troy, Gaia, God’s Garden, Iron Curtain, Katrina, Python


Further information: Rules


Sign Up

To sign up, please register at’s forum: SIGN UP
Follow the instructions. If problems occur during the registration process, please contact us via PM and we will help you out. To be really sure we get your question, you can also contact us via mail under the following adress: bwclteam(at)

Sign Ups will be taken into account until 29th October, the rest of the information will be following shortly after.

We’ll try to answer questions in this topic

Help Out

We also actively seek for helpers – be it streamers or donors. Everyone is welcome.

BWCL: Alte Liebe rostet nicht! Unleash The Beast - Patch 3.17.0 ist LIVE!