BWCL: Feuer Frei!

BWCL: Feuer Frei!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


in less than 24 hours the first official play day of the Brood War Clan League will start. We’re thrilled to see that 21 teams and over 200 players signed up for the launch of the oldest StarCraft Brood War Clan League!




Since we haven even number of teams, we could easily create two divisions for Season 44. Every clan will play each other once, until we have a final grid. Afterwards the leading two teams of each division will advance to the play offs right after the season.


As for the Little League goes: We sadly only have five teams in the division. Unless a sixth team magically shows up, we’ll therefore only have four play days in this division. However, we’ll start a play-off format right after the “regular” Little League season has concluded.


The Clan War format will stay the same: 3 1n1s and a single 2n2 for each war. Ties are a possibility.


Division A:

Division B:

Little League Table:

-> Overview:


Week 1


Division A:

KDV-A vs aFF

ReD-A vs SK-A

ash vs. TA

AFM vs. Inae


Division B:

Nb vs. dM-

iRk- vs. NaS

ReD-B vs. Psi

ScT vs. ReV


Little League

ReD vs. KDV-B

SK vs. ash.

(irk- is free this week)


Maps: FS (1on1), Python (2on2)

Starting time: 17:00 CET, Sunday

B-net Chan: BWCL (for all divisions, including little league). Please use the according Discord channels to contact admins in case of problems!



Additional Information


A few more words on important information:

  • Using Discord is obligatory for this season. We won’t accept a team’s request, if it was stated at a third party page (e.g. Reddit, Teamliquid, via Mail), but the leaders weren’t able to join Discord.
  • Replays are to be uploaded as soon as the games are done via Discord. Simply drag&drop the files in the according Discord channel. If Vincent tells you to get him replays, make this your priority.
  • If anyone starts ignoring admin’s instructions, we’re strangling a kitten
  • Game reports: Please report the score in the according Discord channel. Only report the game, do not start to spam in this channel. Winning team reports. If there are problems, please do notify an admin right away.
  • Postponements can be done between leaders. However, an admin has to be notified, either publicly via Discord or post in the BWCL Forum. Failure to do so will lead to us handing out walk overs or ignoring submitted results. Attempts to abuse our trust in the organisers of teams will lead to severe restrictions (like watching the league from a banned user’s perspective for a couple of decades, while people like Quint have a go at you with their newly sharpened kitchen knives).
  • Keep up the spirit and have fun!




The cast will be done by Vincent at 18:30 upcoming Sunday:


Admins desperately wanted


As much as I point out how Cele is the Pazzi of our revolution, he sadly had to go inactive for an indefinite amount of time after playing a pivotal role in the creation of this league. We now, more than ever, need a few people lending us a helping hand. Since most of the work has been done, it’ll be only a few hours per week. If you can help in any way, hop onto Discord and give us a bump!



The BWC Staff: ReD.ReBeL, Gecko, ReVenger, Pinko, Stanl3y, Scorn4, Vincent, Quint, 4Stars



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