BWCL Finals: aFF vs Nb

Merry Christmas people!


The first half of the play offs have been concluded and two teams will now face each other for the overall Beta-Season title: army From Future and Team Noobs. Since it seems to be a hustle to find a date between the years, the overall finals are scheduled to take place on Sunday, 7th January at 17:00 CET. The start maps will be Match Point and Gaia, with the war being 3x 1on1, 1x2on2 and a 1×1 Ace Match if needed.

There will be a very, very, very, VERY small price for the winning team. It’s really tiny and not worth mentioning. No, it’s neither money, nor hardware.


Other news

As promised, we’re going to start a real BWCL season next month. The sign ups will be opened in the first January week. A few things we’re going to change:


1. We will use a league script, meaning no more swiss system, but „anyone plays anyone once“ with fixed dates. This being said, a lot of organizational problems should be erased, both for the administration and the participating clans. However, the relative „short mode“ of 3x1on1 and 1x2on2 will remain as official mode.

2. We’re going to try to find enough teams to host at least two divisions – so if you know anyone who knows anyone whose sister’s dog’s owner is interested in forming a team: tell them. We want you, all of you!

3. There might be some minor rule changes regarding replay submission (e.g. via Discord), as well as a different contact E-Mail adress. It turns out gmail only gave us security warnings and spam, even though we would have preferred eggs, bacon, spam, spam and eggs.

4. We will hold on to the philosphy of having a fun league, rather than throwing money at clans. However, if you want to donate or sponsor anything, you might contact us via Discord, as we are also thinking about hosting some occasional 1v1 tournaments along the way (BWCL King of Kings for instance).

5. We’re also thinking about a third division and closed that runs under the flag of „BWCL“, which will only be open to teams with players under a certain MMR-Cap (potentially 1800-1900) – so beginners have an arena as well.

6. We were re-grouping the administration and now established some from of pseudo-communism to strengthen our lines. Me (Gecko) is going to be the Lenin, Cele is going to be the Trotzki, Vincent (aka. BWCL-Volkssprecher) will remain as minister of propaganda. So, if you have any criticism, get your ice pick and go to Cele, you know what you have to do!

7. Expansion into Social Media: We find social media disturbing, off putting and something for kids. Therefore, we will post more on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Follow us. You want it. (I’m not joking, follow us!)

8. The map pool will be re-designed and probably feature more ladder maps. Thanks Cele!



Did you hate something? Do you have suggestions? Please – tell us. The best place to drop some ideas is our forum, right on this very page. Yes, it’s German, but it’s where we have all information in one place. Sorry about that.

Help out!

We can ALWAYS use more admins, especially those who write news – not only on this page, but keep updating external sources such as Liquipedia, reddit,,, Facebook, Twitter, Teamliquid, netwars – whatever comes to mind. If you’re interested, please contact us via Discord!


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