BWCL: The Play Offs are near!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

last sunday the remaining regular play day finished and therefore we are now about to enter the play off stages. Before we begin, the BWCL-Team would like to say a huge thanks to anyone involved – especially those of you who always had nice words for your opponents, even after facing losses. We’d also like to apologise for every bump along the way, like this rather late news. This being said, let’s move on…

Standings Test-Season
Place Clan Wins Draws Defeats Total
1 SK B-Team 4 2 0 4 (16-6)
2 Team Noobs 3 2 1 4 (16-8)
2 inte Riktigt kloka 3 2 1 4 (16-8)
3 Army from Future 3 1 2 3.5 (15-9)
4 Team Psi 2 3 1 3.5 (13-11)
4 disturbed Mind 3 1 2 3.5 (12-12)
7 Inaequalis 3 0 3 3 (13-11)
8 Starcraft Troopers 3 0 3 3 (11-13)
9 Klan Dark Venom 2 1 3 2.5 (11-9)
10 Team Condemned 2 1 2 2.5 (11-13)
11 mesiJa
2 0 4 2 (8-8)
12 LORD 1 1 4 1.5 (7-15)
13 Rasierte Eier Dödel 1 1 3 1.5 (7-16)
14 Zajebiscie Zjebany Zespól 1 1 3 1.5 (6-17)


Results: Week 6
Clan 1 Score Clan 2
disturbed Mind 0 – 4 SK B-Team
Team Psi 1 – 3 Team Noobs
inte Riktigt Kloka 3 – 1 Team Condemned
Starcraft Troopers 0 – 4 (w/o) army From Future
Rasierte Eier Dödel 0 – 4 Inaequalis
Klan Dark Venom 4 – 0 mesiJa

As you can see, the entire season was a quite race to the top. At the end the SK-Team finished in the first place, being slightly ahead of the Team Noobs and inte Riktigt kloka. Even though it was hard to make the decision, we granted army from Future the third spot, due to them having the better set win/loss difference. Yet, it’s not entirely over.

In the next two weeks, we’ll have a play off, starting with the pairings of SK vs. aFF and Nb vs. iRk. Next sunday, at 17:00 CET, these will play the ordinary BWCL-Test format: 3x 1on1 and 1x 2on2. There’s going to be an 1×1 ace match if needed; any player is entitled to play, even if he already played in the previous 1on1 sets. The starting maps will be Circuit Breakers for 1×1 and Troy for 2×2.

The rest of the schedule will be determined, once we know who advanced to the overall finals.


As for the open question: The REAL BWCL will most likely return in January. There are open issues for us to figure out. Teaser: we’ll have a real schedule then (no more swiss system), „modern maps“ (the old pack was hand picked by BWCL-Cele) and hopefully more regular news and a better system to report. Make BWCL great again!


However, to have our vision of BWCL take off, we really do need help from all of you guys. Most importantly: stay positive! Also very important: if you’re interested in joining the team, feel free to contact us either via this forum or Discord. We’re actively seeking:


– content producers (handling social media, writing news)

– replay admins (helping vincent getting replays, potential write ups)

– league admins (overseeing the BWCL wars on sundays)


The work will be hard, there won’t be any pay, but you get to work from home. If anyone needs some sort of internship certificate, i’m sure we can manage to fake that one as well.


The BWCL-Team wishes you best of luck (except for Cele who is not mannered)!

BWCL Finals: aFF vs Nb Warchest Nr. 2 im Anmarsch - Patch 4.1.0 ist draußen
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