BWCL Tinder Tournament

Hello lovebirds,


the BWCL is still in the developement and sign-up phase. Despite the six sign ups so far, it was brought to our attention that people are interested, but have trouble finding enough players or partners. Consequently people feel lonely and depressed. This is sad. So sad. Very sad.


Since this has been a common problem on our page historically speaking, we created the „LSZ“ (Love, Sexuality & Endearment) forum, which sadly is only available in English. Yet, some of our users mastered the craft of helping out with issues related to loneliness, as can be seen when browsing the topics and posts:


posted by evacuate_the_dancefloor

Well, what made you an active member of this forum?

[…]for me it was the „Sex with stuffed animals“ topic.


posted by iv.MaMMuT

That’s truely accurate, I was born in Sweden and raised, and I’m really sorry when my buddies do animals… If they no have horny girl in town, then they drive to next farm and pay farmer 10-15 euro.

Then they fuck cows, it does sick education for me.

This is natural in Sweden, and they’re proud.

They eat foul fish and talk to moose



Anyway, before we drift off: Finding a good partner is not easy, even though a ton of our users had success using portals such as Tinder or Adultfriendfinder. Building on these results, we think it’s worth to give it a try and host a BWCL-Tinder evening!

Next sunday, 24th of September, we will organise a tournament in the channel BWCL on the European Server at 15:00 CET – with a small add-on. There will be no fixed teams, instead you’ll get asigned a random ally to play with. The mode will be Double Elimination and the map pool features Gaia, Hannibal, Troy, Vampire and Python.

Participating is easy: Post in our Topic to sign up for the event, show up slightly early (14:45) and have fun. We’ll put the bracket up on challonge and handle the rest for you.

Our goal is quite easy to understand: Anyone should participate, regardless of skill. Search and find players, maybe you’ll find cool friends to form a team for the upcoming season!

As soon as we have a live stream, we will announce the adress in the topic posted above.

Yours truely,

The BWCL Team

Forever Alone - Das BWCL 1on1-Turnier BWCL: Tinder Turnier
Short Event information:

Anyone is allowed to participate. No fixed teams, but random allies.

Time/Date: Sunday, 24th September, 15:00 CET @ Channel "BWCL" on Europe
Sign Up: Post here, leave B-net Nick or ID
Mode: Double Elimination, WB Bo3 starting with Semi Finals, Grand Finals Bo5 (WB Finalist starts with 1-0 advantage), Bo1 else.

Starting Maps

WB: Gaia
LB: Vampire


Mappool download:
Stream link will follow shortly.

Please show up at 14:45 already, so we can speed up the process of assigning you a team partner.

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Fill out the information, don't forget to solve the captcha and accept the TOS at the bottom!

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see also: Recruit Players - Find and Search Clans

Sign Ups:

  • AS.Sentinel
  • ifu.tokyoa
  • HaN
  • KingGudetama
  • kidchile
  • Vonarrh
  • [tO]cReAtiVee
BNet Nick: AS.Sentinel

Btw. is there already someone waiting as backup in case the entrance number is uneven?
we'll find someone to participate it push comes to shove
vadim kobzarev
BNet NickName: ifu.tokyoa
Bnet name: HaN
Bnet: KingGudetama
map download added
bnet nickname : kidchile
Hey there,

our friend Vonarrh has issues logging in to this site, so I'll register him if that is ok:
Bnet nick: Vonarrh

I suck at 2v2, but if you need one more participant to even out the teams, I can jump in as backup.
Bnet nick: Fry
The sentence could have stopped with Vonarrh has issues. Registered.

If anyone else has problems, still come to the designated channel (BWCL @Europe) and we'll make do.
Nick [tO]cReAtiVee
BNet NickName: Musing
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