BWCL: Week 1

Hello everyone,


first and foremost: a huge thanks to everyone showing up yesterday and making the first week of the season as easy as possible for the admin team. We love to see you kept up the spirit and enjoyed yourself – you even boosted our stream numbers to a new peak! We’ll take that as the best omen we could hope for and try to continue in a hopefully good manner.


The Results

Division A

Red-A 0 : 4 SK-A

ash 2:2 TA

AFM – Inae

aFF 1 : 3 KDV-A

Division B

iRk 2 : 2 NaS

dM- 0 : 4 Nb.

ScT 4 : 0 ReV

ReD-B 2 : 2 Psi


Little League

ReD 0 : 4 KDV-B

SK 2 : 2 ash


>>> all replays we received <<<




As mentioned in the intro, all clan wars commenced nicely and there is nothing „bad“ to say, other than it was slightly boring to not have to do anything. The kind of boring you like as admin.

Our stream saw some interesting and entertaining games as the reltively newschool German team Rasierte Eier Dödel took on the clan, who’s among the top contenders of the league. Especially Bonyth’s micromanagement was one of the highlights of the evening, you rarely see this level of mastership from a non-Korean.

As a minor surprise, last season’s runner-up, army From Future, lost against their Polish collegues from Klan Dark Venom. We’d also saw some pretty old faces, as iRk sent forth Naugrim and ash. used not only dolife (a former German Team A player), but also the Panzergeneral himself – GoOdy!

Sadly, one clan did not show up – AFM. However, their opponent (inaequalis), already offered to postpone the entire clan war to next sunday if AFM prefers. A nice gesture that hopefully doesn’t go unnoticed!


Important news

Apparently we screwed up when creating the divisions and totally forgot to add the Russian Team „meSiJa“ to any Division. We know we made Lenin sad and would like to apologise. This will not happen again.

Also, another team, „BuLL“, signed up on saturday. At that point we were convinced to be „full“ with 16 clans (means 8 teams in two divisions, yey even numbers!), but well… meSiJa incident and all. We granted BuLL a late entry to the BWCL, despite that meaning that one team per division will have a free week every once in a while.


Rule Addition: Reporting Draws

I’m ashamed, but I really did stress out how draws were a possibility in last news. Yet, I missed that we used „winner reports“ – and there, for obvious reasons, is no winner for a drawn war. Hence, from now on the team on the left side of the table has to report the results. Thanks for the attention, we already hired a nun with a bell for my very own shame walk (I’m Celetuiw).


Week 2

Map 1n1: Heartbreak Ridge

Map 2n2: Tornado


Div A: Inae vs aFF, TA vs. AFM, SK-A vs. ash, BuLL vs ReD-A (KDV-A is free)

Div B: ReV vs. ReD-B, Nb. vs ScT, NaS vs. dM, msJ vs. iRk- (Psi is free)

LL: KDV-B vs. SK, iRk- vs ReD (ash is free)


Cast will be live at 18:30 again.



If you need any „important“ links (grids, maps, Discord), always go to: We updated everything!


Rejoyce, monday is over and BWCL is here again. Good week to you guyses!


BWCL: Week 2 BWCL: Feuer Frei!