BWCL: Week 2

The league continues and the dust settles as the second week’s clan wars are over. Yet again most teams have shown some nice and mannered matches, although some teams have been struggling to get their line ups in place.


The results:


Division A:


inae. 2-2 aFF


TA 4-0 AFM


SK-A 2-2 ash


BuLL) – Red-A (Red-A won by walk over)


Division B:


ReV 2-2 Red-B


Nb. – ScT (ScT won by walk over)


[NaS] – dM- (dM- won by walk over)


mSj 0-4 iRk-


Little League:


[KDV-B] 3 – 1 SK


iRk 4-0 ReD


>>> Replays




Aside from a couple of walk overs, all clan wars seemed to have gone very well. ReD.W4rr1Or got a handful handling 3 clan wars at once – although one was a W.O., it’s still a strong feat!
inae and aFF had a little trouble finding each other at first, but quickly sorted it out and had themselves an enjoyable time ending with what we can only hope is the early stages of a winter romance.


In the Little League one game was postponed, but seeing as both players‘ guests canceled the were able to play right away regardless. Lucky coincidence!


When it comes to the streaming, winter had come and put a stop to Vincent’s train. ReD.W4rr1Or was asked and stepped up with his stream, and cast the CW between iRk- and mSj. Alongside him, glorious admin Cele was there with his expert casting, bantering with the Twitch chat and informing the viewers of various history trivia of the BW community.


iRk may not be quite right in the head*, but they sure are quite right in the game. In addition to their friendliness, they showed strong skill, beating mSj 4-0. We also got to see the familiar face of iRk-Naugrim in action.


All in all, things went quite well and we’re looking forward to week 3.


*irK (inte riktig kloka) roughly translates to «not quite right (in the head)».


Week 3 Preview


Division A:

ash vs. BuLL

AFM vs. SK-A

aFF vs. TA

KDV-A vs Inae

(Red-A is free)


Division B:

dM vs mSj

ScT vs NaS

Red-B vs. Nb

Psi vs. ReV

(iRk is free)


Little League:

SK vs. iRk

ash vs. KDV-B

(Red is free)


Be there or be square. Seriously guys, having walk overs is no fun. Everytime we have a walk over this happens:



For week 3, the maps will be as follows;


First map for 1v1 – Destination


First map for 2v2 – Iron Curtain


After that, loser chooses from the BWCL map pool.


Map pool:


1v1: Aztec – Circuit Breaker – Crossing Field – Destination – Fighting Spirit – Heartbreak Ridge – Longinus – Match Point – Outsider

2v2: Colloseum II – Eddy – Eye of the Storm – Gemlong – Hannibal – Iron Curtain – Python – Tornado – Vampire


Special Thanks

This week award for special children goes to Redw4rr10r. Despite having a needlessly complicated random-caps nick (which was most likely inspired by teenagers from the 90es discovering AIM for the first time), Mr. W4rr10r walked the extra mile and managed to not only replace Vincent in the most amazing manner, but also compensated for his incredibly annoying co-caster (the one named after one of the most tasteless vegetables in the universe). Dankeschön!


> VOD on Redwarrior’s Twitch channel (like, share & subscribe :o)))) )




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